The opportunity to learn of a new world-changing idea, or to roll up our sleeves alongside the talented entrepreneurs with whom we partner, is what gets us going in the morning. By providing capital, and support and assistance in strategy and execution, we help entrepreneurs create something lasting, great, and rewarding for all involved.

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How To Raise Money From A Venture Capitalist
This post first appeared at May 8, 2013. On an IEEE panel last night an Intel Capital investor and I were asked to talk about this topic. The audience found the panel useful. Here's a summary. [caption id="attachment_1489" align="alignright" width="373"] Lemmus Lemmus, a well-known VC investor. Photo via Wikipedia.[/caption] When I was new in venture capital and… More

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New Atlantic Ventures (NAV) is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Northern Virginia and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We focus on businesses in high-growth emerging mass markets. We are active investors and play an active role within our companies. We partner with entrepreneurs who have the energy, vision, experience and passion to build great companies and help them succeed through hands-on team building, partnerships, advice and support.

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Tim Rowe
Being an entrepreneur is the best job one can have. You can set your own course, make something new, create livelihoods for others, benefit your community, and make yourself rich. If you can do… More

Tim Rowe — Venture Partner

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