2012: Smartphones are now a social necessity

My last post, outlined five things to be excited about as we enter 2012.  Number one on this list was smartphone ubiquity.

I am not sure on what day last year this occurred, but the smart phone went from luxury to social necessity.  Has the smart phone eclipsed the television in our hierarchy of needs?  Since we now can watch video on tablets and laptops, I would say the TV is still way up there, but the smartphone has edged it out.  Smartphones have become our navigator, communicator, educator, entertainer, health monitor, discovery device and status symbol.   And this has all come about since the first iPhone went on sale June 29, 2007.  At NAV, we look for companies that can weave their smartphone service into the everyday lives of their customers, and provide unique and sustainable value.  ScoutMob and Stitcher are two examples of companies we have backed that can only exist in a smartphone world.

Smartphone ubiquity has far reaching implications for entrepreneurs.  With an iPhone and Android app you have instant distribution to the entire developed world, and increasingly the undeveloped world as well.   If that isn’t a jaw dropping reality I don’t know what is.  These are amazing times.

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