December 16 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Golden age of e-commerce

The last four years have seen another resurgence of e-commerce companies.  In fact, our last two deals have been e-commerce deals and we are looking at another one.

While e-commerce has been around since the launch of Amazon in the late ’90s, there was a period starting after the collapse of the tech bubble in 2000, during which any company with even a remote connection to e-commerce was avoided by VCs like the plague.

In fact the history of Amazon’s stock price is a good proxy for the ups and downs of e-commerce.

Why is e-commerce back with a vengence?  Several factors I believe have contributed:

  • Consumers are becoming more comfortable at buying more products online, even complicated products that they used to want to “touch and feel.”
  • Marketing to consumers has become cheaper and matured: email/relationship marketing is making it easier to engage consumers and keep them buying; in addition, social media companies like twitter and facebook have become marketing platforms (friend recommendations) further decreasing customer acquisition costs; also, video has helped companies feel more confident in buying online.
  • It has become cheaper to build an e-commerce company.  Amazon’s cloud services platform coupled with robust open source e-commerce platforms like Magento have allowed startups to go after more niche areas of e-commerce.
  • New business models have made e-commerce more attractive and engaging: think of limited time/quantity sample sale sites like Gilt, Ideeli and OneKingsLane; or  group discount flash e-commerce sites like Living Social and GroupOn; custom-products, like our own, or targeted products, like (look at story today about funding).
  • Smartphones have enabled consumers to price-compare, make decisions and order online in situations where they might otherwise have bought offline.  I hit on this insight during last holiday season when I was in BestBuy shopping for gifts.  They didn’t have a product I was looking for and so, I used my Amazon iphone app to search for it on Amazon.  While I was there I checked on all the other products I was about to buy and discovered they were all cheaper online (with no additional tax). I ordered everything online and and saved the hassle from having to carry them home.  Here is a great story on the same subject from today’s journal.  Look at this amazing chart on growth of e-commerce from smartphones:


December 16 2010
by Ed Niu

And with Google and many other online based companies embracing mobile solutions, we’ll see a proliferation of mobile-based e-commerce apps and content.

December 16 2010
by Neil Rosen

So the question that has to be asked is, “does technology eclipse brand, threatening sustainability?”.

December 16 2010
by OCM

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