March 26 2010
by Scott Johnson

NEVCA Office Hours at the Venture Cafe in Cambridge

I hung out at the Venture Café (Alfa) at the Cambridge Innovation Center yesterday, and met some great people, saw old friends, and got pitched by a few very dedicated entrepreneurs in an “office hours” format.  It was time well spent, and many thanks to the NEVCA for organizing the event.  Skip Besthoff of Castille was also there doing the same thing.  Joost Bonson showed up, which means it was the most important startup related event happening.

My takeaways from the gathering were several. First, the Venture Café is fulfilling a real need in the Boston area:  a place for like-minded start-up addicts to assemble ad-hoc, make connections and energize.  Can’t wait to move it to Beta with a dedicated location.  Second, there are entrepreneurs in my building at the Cambridge Innovation Center who are doing cool things I don’t know about.  We at NAV need to reach out to our neighbors more often.  Third, the NEVCA and Venture Café are staffed with energetic, organized, talented people.  I had a great time!

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