February 26 2010
by Scott Johnson

Speculating on Apple’s “Big Bold Moves”

Apple said yesterday in its shareholder meeting that it is not going to dividend any of its cash.  Rather, Steve is planning some “Big, Bold Moves” for the $40 billion mountain of green he sits atop.  He either said this because he needs good World Cup tickets from investment bankers, or he is actually planning to go on a shopping spree.  I tend to think it is the latter, and if that isn’t fodder for the imagination what is?  So here is my top ten “Big Bold Moves for Steve” list:

  1. Purchase Tesla.  We all need an iCar, right?  I was going to suggest GM or Chrysler, but even Steve’s magic wand can’t make the UAW disappear.
  2. Buy Vizio.  Make their TVs into giant iPads running all the apps in the app store.  Your iPhone is the remote.  Effortless on-the-grid DVR integration.  Built-in High def video conferencing,  This will be a fall 2010 event.  You heard it here first.
  3. Purchase all of the big music labels.  Why split revenue with them? And he can make all that DRM nonsense just go away.
  4. Purchase the PS3 business from Sony.  The world needs an iConsole with iGames and a sexy iController.
  5. Purchase Dell.  Turn all of those Dell machines into Hackintoshs.  Force all existing Dells to upgrade to Snow Leopard, sticking it to Redmond in the process.  At $16/share he could get Dell for $30 billion and have ~$10 billion left over to hire an army to protect Apple employees from a berserk Steve Ballmer.
  6. Take over NASA.  The iShuttle, the iStation, and the iRover?  Irresistible.
  7. Purchase Disney.  OK, he would have to borrow some money to do it, but then he would regain Pixar, take control of ESPN, and we could watch Apple content on all of our iThings.  Nirvanna.
  8. Purchase Cannondale.  I would love an iCycle.
  9. Purchase Jarden, the parent of SunBeam.  Then we can really have the iBlender, iToaster, iMicrowave that we all want so badly.
  10. Purchase the NAV portfolio.  Some really cool companies in there.  I can say without even discussing it with all the other stakeholders that we would sell for $2 billion, and he would still have $38 billion left to play with.

Well, that was fun.  But not as fun as it will be to watch this unfold for real over the next few years.  Personally I am really looking forward to it.


February 26 2010
by NewAtlanticVentures

From the NAV Blog: Speculating on Apple's "Big Bold Moves"

February 27 2010
by Faisal Al-Ibrahim

Speculating on Apple's "Big Bold Moves" (@navfund)

March 4 2010
by Nash Hale

RT @navfund: Speculating on Apple's "Big Bold Moves"

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