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January 28 2011
by Scott Johnson

Mobile Clicks Are Garbage!

Most mobile advertisement banner clicks are accidental.  The Harris group published a study yesterday saying this.  Surprised?  I’m not!  Has anyone actually clicked a mobile banner on purpose?  Really?  I can’t imagine doing so – the experience is so bad.  I think Shakespeare might have been thinking of mobile banner ads when he quipped “It is […]

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January 18 2011
by Scott Johnson

Mobile Monetization 2.0

Mobile monetization 2.0 is going to happen in 2011.  Marketing budgets against mobile are showing up in the hundreds of millions, some new monetization schemes (CPL and CPD) are paying good eCPMs, 4G is coming, and this is all really great news for entrepreneurs and mobile app publishers as everyone everywhere taps into mobile apps. […]

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December 8 2010
by Todd Hixon

What Are You Packing?

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a reader survey that asks, how many gadgets do you carry around with you [link]?  They found one man who carries 18 gadgets weighing 26 lbs. in a backpack, including a full size laptop, an iPad, and a camera.  WSJ reports his name is Phil Libin, and I think […]

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October 18 2010
by Todd Hixon

Europe Lags In Mobile

I’m just back from 12 days in Europe, visiting Positano and Rome, Italy and Munich and Frankfurt, Germany.  I’m struck by how much Europe lags the U.S. in mobile.  This is a small arbitrary sample:  3 major cities and an upscale beach resort in 2 countries.  But, the visible difference is stark. 1.            The data […]

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September 14 2010
by Todd Hixon

Is Android The Next Windows?

Is history repeating itself?  Recently the monthly connect rate for Android phones passed the iPhone in the U.S., and many analysts believe Android phones in use will outnumber iPhones early next year.  Apple popularized the personal computer with the launch of the Apple II in 1977.  Microsoft, IBM, and Intel followed in 1981 with what […]

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July 22 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Are there too many smartphone operating systems?

I had predicted that July 2008 would mark a seminal moment in the history of technology. That’s when Apple launched their mobile App Store. Now, it’s hard to think of an iPhone without the apps. A new app economy has been created with 250,000 applications in the App Store and $1BN paid out to developers. […]

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