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February 26 2010
by Scott Johnson

Speculating on Apple’s “Big Bold Moves”

Apple said yesterday in its shareholder meeting that it is not going to dividend any of its cash.  Rather, Steve is planning some “Big, Bold Moves” for the $40 billion mountain of green he sits atop.  He either said this because he needs good World Cup tickets from investment bankers, or he is actually planning […]

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February 25 2010
by Todd Hixon

Five Reasons To Believe in Tablets

We recently made an investment in Tap ‘n Tap; they provide an Android-based software framework that enables OEMs to create tablets that compete with the Apple iPad. You have to believe a couple of things for this investment to work out: 1) the tablet market will be big, 2) Android will be a major part […]

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February 5 2010
by Scott Johnson

An Apple/iPhone Rant

I love Apple’s products, and choose them over competitors despite higher prices (the Apple Tax) because they are better by far.  The iPhone is a great value.  But Apple is beginning to screw up, as they always do, by controlling the experience too much.  Here are three reasons they will, in five years, have handed […]

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