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January 27 2014
by Scott Johnson

After the B Round – Watch the burn!

This post first appeared in Pando Daily Gather round and listen to an untold story that is happening right now all over startup land. I can’t name names but have seen it play out in two acts. Act I. A company has one positive press release after another, announcing successive rounds of fundraising, new customers, […]

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March 30 2012
by Todd Hixon

An Insider Perspective On Carried Interest

Public dissection of Mitt Romney’s tax returns has put “carried interest” in the spotlight, but many people don’t know what carried interest is or why it’s there. A segment on the Marketplace radio program last week (link) brought this home for me. [IMHO, Marketplace is about the best business program on the radio.] I was […]

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November 22 2011
by Todd Hixon

Down With The 1%! Whoever They Are …

Unless you live in a deep cave, you’ve probably heard that the “1%” (top 1% of U.S. households ranked by income) enjoys a large percentage of U.S. after tax income (about 20% in 2007), famously documented by the CBO* (link). The Occupy Wall Street protesters imply that the 1% is mostly Wall Street traders and […]

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October 23 2009
by John Backus

Executive Compensation

Today I turn the blog over to Walt Shill, a CEO of one of our portfolio companies many years ago, and now a very senior executive at Accenture.  I love the way Walt thinks and writes – and post this below with his permission.  The topic is executive compensation, but at the end he has […]

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