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January 26 2012
by Scott Johnson

No Better Time, Ever, To Be An Entrepreneur

I am often asked “what is new and exciting” by pretty much anyone that knows what I do for a living. And it is a great question that I relish answering – usually. Of late, however, I have been responding in a way that needs polish. I will say “smartphones” or “Health IT” or “the […]

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May 31 2011
by Scott Johnson

Way Too Early – On Market Timing

Market timing is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for venture success.  Obvious, right?  The problem is that timing is obvious only in retrospect.  Predicting how markets will evolve is an art, and probably is the single most important job of a venture firm.  Boiled down to its essence, our role is to help companies […]

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March 11 2011
by Todd Hixon

The Shape of VC Today

From its post-WW II beginnings to the mid ‘90s, small-to-medium size venture funds ($100m-$400m in today’s dollars) dominated U.S. venture capital. They launched much of the tech industry. Angel money was limited, and later stage funds were few. So VC was a bit like a prosperous gentleman: thicker in the middle, thinner at the top. […]

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October 12 2010
by Scott Johnson

Why I Invested in Fashion Playtes (Again)

Fashion Playtes recently announced an oversubscribed up round led by our friends at Fairhaven Capital.   The company has a platform enabling custom clothing design by tween girls (ages 6-12). It is a simple concept really.  Girls can go on the web and choose different embellishments to be sewn onto dresses, shirts, pants, bags, etc. […]

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July 14 2010
by Scott Johnson

The Six Step Venture Capital Investment Process

Every venture firm has pretty much the same six step process. It is not hard to understand, and every firm puts their own spin on it. But you can pretty much count on these six steps occurring in sequence before you will see any cash in your bank account.

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November 11 2009
by John Backus

Venture Capital: 5 tips on how to navigate the VC gauntlet

Early-Stage venture capital firms see every imaginable type of business idea.  Since we are the first institutional fundraising “gate” that entrepreneurs have to pass through, the variety of business plans which we see fill the spectrum from awful to terrific. Over the years I have seen lots of bad ideas:  Bad ideas for big businesses.  […]

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