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September 10 2013
by Todd Hixon

The All-Important Value Prop

This post first appeared at on 7/20/2012. Some of our companies fail: in an early stage venture fund, we expect about 40% mortality. That’s a very painful experience, especially the entrepreneur but also the investors. It triggers serious reflection on what went wrong. While every company has a unique story, our experience teaches that […]

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April 29 2013
by Todd Hixon

Sell-To, Sell-Through, Repeat!

This post first appeared at on October 31, 2012. One of my partners reminds us that, to be a success, a company must not only sell successfully to its immediate customers (“sell-to”), but also enable the customer to sell successfully to his/her end customers (“sell-through”), not just once, but repeatedly. Too often we (as venture […]

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August 28 2012
by John Backus

The Angel Bubble (or why I would rather be a VC)

Much has been written over the last few years about the poor performance of the venture capital asset class since 2000. And on average, the performance has been terrible. Median returns according to Cambridge Associates for the 2000 vintage year were -3% “improving” to -1% for the 2001 vintage year. Top quartile returns kicked in […]

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March 1 2012
by Scott Johnson

Why I Invested in YieldBot

YieldBot takes the largest advertising demand pool on the internet (search), and plugs it into publisher inventory, the largest source of supply.  Advertisers add YieldBot to their keyword buys, and YieldBot delivers high performing, intent driven clicks, just like a search engine.  They do this with exceedingly clever analytics that reveal intent, the currency of […]

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January 26 2012
by Scott Johnson

No Better Time, Ever, To Be An Entrepreneur

I am often asked “what is new and exciting” by pretty much anyone that knows what I do for a living. And it is a great question that I relish answering – usually. Of late, however, I have been responding in a way that needs polish. I will say “smartphones” or “Health IT” or “the […]

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January 12 2012
by John Backus

Re-Inventing Education for the 21st Century

The Internet is staring down the College Cartel. And the Internet will win. College costs cannot continue to rise at three times the rate of inflation, as they have for the last thirty-five years. My friend Jack Biddle, co-founder of VC firm Novak Biddle, and an early pioneer in online education companies (Blackboard, 2Tor, Fidelis […]

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January 11 2012
by John Backus

Part 2 – Busting up the College Cartel

In my last piece, I pointed out how for more than a generation – 35 years and counting – that the costs of attending college have increased at three times the rate of inflation – almost twice the rate that health care costs have increased over the same period. Yet our children are receiving the […]

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February 1 2011
by John Backus

Startup America: Where’s the Beef?

At age 84, Wendy’s pitchwoman Clara Peller introduced Americans to the phrase, “Where’s the beef?” As I read the much-hyped announcement from the Obama Administration about Startup America, I felt as if I was channeling Clara Peller. Where’s the beef, I ask? I love entrepreneurs. At New Atlantic Ventures we see entrepreneurs every day who […]

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January 21 2011
by John Backus

There’s a Slide For That!

The purpose of this blog post is to help entrepreneurs avoid looking “canned” when they pitch VCs.  Every entrepreneur is passionate about their business, and a pitch to a VC is an important moment in the life of most startups.  I hope that this post helps entrepreneurs see their pitches through our eyes – and […]

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