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May 12 2011
by John Backus

E-Commerce 2.0: The Birth of Companies Worth $50B in Market Value

A new wave of e-commerce is upon us, but most people do not yet understand it. No, I am not talking about fashion flash sales here (though Gilt, Moda Operandi and Zulily are building very valuable businesses here.) And no, I am not talking about the wave of discount group buying that Groupon, LivingSocial and […]

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November 30 2010
by Todd Hixon

The Back Waters of eCommerce

Internet retail sales are up 20% yr/yr for the four days after Thanksgiving, 2010.  Mobile web and commerce have unprecedented momentum, argues Mary Meeker in yet another excellent Internet Trends presentation.  [What a regret, by the way, that she is becoming a VC; it’s like Alice Rivlin joining Fox News.] This has produced high-intensity conflict […]

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October 12 2010
by Scott Johnson

Why I Invested in Fashion Playtes (Again)

Fashion Playtes recently announced an oversubscribed up round led by our friends at Fairhaven Capital.   The company has a platform enabling custom clothing design by tween girls (ages 6-12). It is a simple concept really.  Girls can go on the web and choose different embellishments to be sewn onto dresses, shirts, pants, bags, etc. […]

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