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August 2 2009
by Todd Hixon

Boston Innovation Culture — 2: Dean Kamen Speaks Out

In my last post I argued that Boston needs a stronger innovation and equity culture.  Heroes and icons are a great source of that culture.  Silicon Valley has a no shortage of icons (even if a few are a bit larger than life), eg: Noyce, Moore, Grove, Kleiner from the Silicon era Jobs, Joy, Clark, […]

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July 27 2009
by Todd Hixon

Boston Innovation Culture — 1

Last month (June) was Boston innovation month, a series of events, conferences, and seminars focused on innovation in the New England tech community.This is important.  I had occasion last winter to take a serious look at the performance of Massachusetts versus Silicon Valley as innovation centers.  This culminated in a presentation to the Oasis Group, […]

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June 1 2009
by Todd Hixon

The vital role of entrepreneurs and tech in the US economy

In this season when we hasten to bail out weak entities that are sinking, we need to keep in mind where the strength in our economy comes from. Trade patterns reveal competitive strength and weakness.  While US trade balance overall is negative, the tech industry is the sector that shines. The following analysis, from The Economist […]

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