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June 16 2010
by Scott Johnson

iPhone 4.0: This Must Be Important

I just read that early iPhone 4.0 sales are ahead of 3Gs sales.  This is impressive, but I am not surprised.  Anecdotally, I am hearing that iPhone owners all want this phone immediately.  This is not just from well-heeled VCs.  It is from babysitters and people in line at the bagel store.  And it is […]

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April 6 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Why we invested (again) in Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio announced today the closing of its Series B round of funding, lead by Benchmark.  We added to our Series A investment with more dollars in this round and I thought it would be worthwhile explaining why we choose to invest again in Stitcher and what we consider the bid idea. Many of you […]

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February 5 2010
by Scott Johnson

An Apple/iPhone Rant

I love Apple’s products, and choose them over competitors despite higher prices (the Apple Tax) because they are better by far.  The iPhone is a great value.  But Apple is beginning to screw up, as they always do, by controlling the experience too much.  Here are three reasons they will, in five years, have handed […]

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November 30 2009
by Scott Johnson

Tom Tom and Garmin In Serious Trouble

Personal Navigation is being disrupted.  Garmin and Tom Tom, as their share prices show, are being Googled.  That is, their expensive consumer service is suddenly free from Google.  Can they survive?  There is a great deal of speculation about this in the press.  So I thought I would add mine, as I am an investor […]

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June 27 2009
by John Backus

Digital Media Conference Highlights 6/25/09

I attended the Digital Media Conference in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia last week (June 25, 2009) and wanted to share a few sound bites and highlights – in no particular order.Overall the conference was well attended from start to finish.  The panelists were generally top executives from many large and well-respected companies, along with a good […]

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June 24 2009
by John Backus

The Death of Newspapers: 5 Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Declining circulation and declining advertising dollars in a down economy are accelerating the inevitable – the death of the local newspaper. Now I’m not saying that every newspaper will die, nor will they all fade away tomorrow. But when it looks like the New York Times may have to pay money to a buyer of […]

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June 17 2009
by Todd Hixon

What makes a smart phone App a good business?

At a recent conference Rich Miner (to whom I always listen carefully) answered this question:  “How many good companies will be created by the smart phone application market?” Rich answered:  “There will be a few, as about as many as succeeded in the PC market.”    [Rich, currently a GP with Google Ventures, has been head […]

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June 15 2009
by John Backus

Coming soon: 1,000,000 iphone entrepreneurs

The smart phone as a platform is more important than the PC was as a platform. Why?  Billions vs hundreds of millions. And those billions of smart phones (yes, soon every phone will be a “smart phone”) will be in hands and homes in every country of the world. Location aware through GPS. Aways connected […]

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