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September 14 2011
by Todd Hixon

What the Downgrade Means for Entrepreneurs: Part 1, What’s Happening

A downgrade of the U.S. sovereign credit rating has never happened before, so it’s worth examining what it means for entrepreneurs.  This is the first of three posts, focused on what’s happening.  Part 2 will look at the impact on entrepreneurs and the venture market, and Part 3 will suggest how entrepreneurs can survive and […]

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May 20 2011
by Todd Hixon

The More Things Stay The Same

… the more they will soon change.  This inversion of the famous saying applies very well to venture capital.  The VC business has long, strong cycles.  Everything goes in one direction for a few years, and the momentum seems inevitable, until it sharply reverses. 2011 is a time of extremes in VC.  The industry has […]

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April 1 2010
by John Backus

Virginia to Entrepreneurs: Start Your Business Here – And Pay No Capital Gains Tax!

Capital Gains taxes on high-tech entrepreneurial startups are going away in Virginia – at least for three years.  Founders, Angel Investors, Venture Capital Fund Investors, Corporate Investors to benefit. On Tuesday, March 30th, newly elected Republican Governor Bob McDonnell signed into law House Bill 523 (Senate Bill 428), which provides a 100% capital gains tax […]

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May 9 2009
by Todd Hixon

LP Panel: TLH notes from NVCA annual meeting

Title:  “The Delicate LP/GP Relationship”Moderator:  Becky Buckman, ForbesContext:   LP liqudity squeeze, mediocre VC performance [besides that, how was the play, Ms. Lincoln?]Panel:  Nick Harris, Lexington Partners (secondaries), typically buying 5-yr old funds, believe in VCRebecca Connelley, FairView:  known for great names, very conservative, raise $300m/3 year cycle, keep it right-size, 30% is emerging manager mandates (Fund I-III), […]

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