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February 12 2015
by Todd Hixon

Why Bother To Invest In Venture Capital If You’re Not In WhatsApp?

[This post first appeared at on March 3, 2014.] WhatsApp’s dramatic exit to Facebook last week vividly illustrates how the U.S. venture capital industry is dividing into two worlds, which you might call “Super-Unicorns” and “ShadowFaxes.” Unicorns* refers to $1 billion + exits; Super Unicorns are spectacular successes like WhatsApp: $16 billion of exit […]

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February 5 2015
by Todd Hixon

Where The Big Healthcare Bulls Are Running: Notes From The 2015 JP Morgan Conference

[This post first appeared at on January 25, 2015.] The Annual JP Morgan conference is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and venture investors to learn where the big players think U.S. healthcare is going, and how they plan to play. Here’s a summary of the trends I heard at the conference, and what they […]

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November 7 2012
by Scott Johnson

App/Cloud Data Insurance – Someone Should Offer This

The big risk of apps that access the cloud is that when startups fail, all your cloud data disappears with them.  This is a paricularly troubling issue for startups that do archiving. Photo apps fall squarely into the category, and there have been high profile losses for consumers on some of the web sites that […]

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