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December 3 2010
by Scott Johnson

“Do Not Track” – Some Predictions to Guide Investment

Congress has proposed an opt-out capability for user tracking.  Much has been written about Do Not Track, and I won’t rehash all of that.  I will simply say I think it is a good idea, and in general expecting that any industry will effectively police itself is naive. What has not been widely discussed is: […]

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November 17 2010
by Scott Johnson

Expanding “Opt In” to include “Claw Back.”

My partner Thanasis wrote a thoughtful piece about the trade-offs between privacy and convenience.  Since I am a table pounding “opt-in” zealot, I felt compelled to weigh in.  Opt-in is why Pontiflex is taking share so rapidly from legacy “email list brokers”.  Opt-out is the reason Facebook got kicked in the gut when they launched Beacon, and how […]

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