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January 27 2012
by Scott Johnson

2012: Smartphones are now a social necessity

My last post, outlined five things to be excited about as we enter 2012.  Number one on this list was smartphone ubiquity. I am not sure on what day last year this occurred, but the smart phone went from luxury to social necessity.  Has the smart phone eclipsed the television in our hierarchy of needs? […]

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February 9 2011
by John Backus

Verizon’s Sneaky iPhone Data Throttling Strategy: Can You Hear me Now?

I think the Verizon iPhone is going to be big, for Verizon as well as for Apple. While it is not going to derail the proliferation of Android phones, I do think it will slow down the Android penetration, for a while, at least in the United States. But is Verizon trying to pull a […]

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