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March 26 2010
by Scott Johnson

NEVCA Office Hours at the Venture Cafe in Cambridge

I hung out at the Venture Café (Alfa) at the Cambridge Innovation Center yesterday, and met some great people, saw old friends, and got pitched by a few very dedicated entrepreneurs in an “office hours” format.  It was time well spent, and many thanks to the NEVCA for organizing the event.  Skip Besthoff of Castille […]

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March 16 2010
by Scott Johnson

Top 5 Presentation Mistakes

The presentations I see, for the most part, get a B.  Not failing, but noticeably short of excellent.  Only once in a blue moon do I encounter an A.  It is surprising to me that I don’t see more “A” presentations because: The presenters are high achievers who got A’s in engineering classes at prestigious […]

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March 12 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Pitching your business? Keep it simple!

Back in elementary school, we all had to buy these school notebooks with the school insignia in the front.  On the back of the book there was a quote in three languages.  It was a famous quote from Pascal Blaise that went something like: “I made this letter longer than usual because I did not […]

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February 25 2010
by John Backus

VC Tips for Entrepreneurs: Thoughts About Raising Money

Most entrepreneurs raise money to help their businesses get off the ground.  Whether from angels or venture capitalists, I see most entrepreneurs making the same mistake.  They raise money when they “have to.”  There is a better way.  With some advance planning, you can raise money, easier, at certain moments in time.  Take advantage of […]

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February 12 2010
by Todd Hixon

Pay to Pitch?

Should entrepreneurs pay third parties to help raise money? This is a perennial question in the venture world. It comes down to two things: Will the investment in outside help pay off? Will investors see paying for help as a negative factor? There are different kinds of fund-raising help. The main ones are: “investment bankers”, […]

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February 10 2010
by Scott Johnson

The Web Landscape 2010

Facebook’s monthly unique count is approaching Google’s.  This got me thinking about the maturity of the internet, who the incumbents are ahead of the next phase of innovation as handsets become as important as the desktop, and who might be vulnerable to an entrepreneur and some investment. In my view, the important consumer-facing companies on […]

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January 11 2010
by Scott Johnson

Follow-on Capital

I see seed stage investing happening all around me.  Angels appear to me to be very active as individuals although I have nothing but anecdotal data to support that.  Dedicated funds doing seed investing are gaining traction with LPs who want their piece of the next super-deal.  We at NAV do the occasional seed deal, […]

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November 19 2009
by Todd Hixon

The Death of B2B Venture Capital?

At the October 21 Xconomy “Global Vision for Venture Capital …” forum, Terry McGuire remarked that Polaris has stopped taking risk on commercial/industrial technology start-ups, as the recent experience has not been good. That’s a consequential thing. “Commercial/industrial technology” encompasses enterprise software, most of telecom and datacom, and large parts of clean tech. Note that […]

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November 10 2009
by Thanasis Delistathis

5 things to know about creating a financial model for your business

When pitching your business to venture investors, sharing a well designed financial model is very important!  Why?  Because how a financial model is designed helps investors learn some things about you and your business:  it provides insights into how you think about your business, helps clarify what are the main assumptions that drive it and […]

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November 3 2009
by Tim Rowe

MIT $100K Elevator Pitch Competition

This past Thursday was the Grand Finale of the MIT $100K Competition’s precursor competition, known as the EPC or Elevator Pitch Competition. Over 350 entrants had made their 60-second pitches over the past several days to persevering judges.  The resulting twelve finalists did not yet know who they were, however everyone who was in the […]

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