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November 25 2014
by Todd Hixon

How To Raise Money From A Venture Capitalist

This post first appeared at May 8, 2013. On an IEEE panel last night an Intel Capital investor and I were asked to talk about this topic. The audience found the panel useful. Here’s a summary. When I was new in venture capital and raising money for a portfolio company,  a very successful VC […]

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June 3 2013
by Scott Johnson

Revenue Quality, Not Just Quantity!

Revenue growth (or sometimes active user growth) is an obvious necessity for venture backed companies.  But life is never quite that straight forward.  Just as all site traffic is not created equal, there is good revenue and great revenue (there is no such thing as bad positive margin revenue).  Importantly, prospective revenue “quality” can dramatically […]

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February 9 2011
by Thanasis Delistathis

Watch out for those “Groundhog Days”

“Groundhog Day” is a metaphor for lack of change an innovation. Companies need to watch out for market changes that may render their services obsolete or invalidate their current strategy.

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October 19 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Why is it so hard to offer good service?

I have been pondering this question for some time and have had a few conversations about it with VCs and entrepreneurs.  I think that offering great service will be an important strategy and opportunity for companies as more and more products are converted into service (e.g. cloud-based software). How many times have you dialed into […]

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July 22 2010
by Thanasis Delistathis

Are there too many smartphone operating systems?

I had predicted that July 2008 would mark a seminal moment in the history of technology. That’s when Apple launched their mobile App Store. Now, it’s hard to think of an iPhone without the apps. A new app economy has been created with 250,000 applications in the App Store and $1BN paid out to developers. […]

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