January 3 2011
by Scott Johnson

Thank You – Cloud!

These Microsoft cloud commercials are everywhere – showing people using the cloud to improve their lives.  And I could be the source of one.  This weekend I was reading email at home and suddenly my laptop froze.  I tried to reboot in safe mode.  Not happening.  Looks like a disk failure.  Virus induced?  No way of knowing.

Interestingly, my first reaction was “now I get to have one of the new SSD MacBook Airs – excellent!”  A very different reaction than what I felt in years past when this happened to me, which makes two points:

1) Because I keep all of my personal and work files in the cloud, I am not all stressed about this.  Yes, it will be a bit of expense and hassle getting all the software installed, but I was about to switch to Outlook for email anyway.  Without the cloud, this would have been a stressful disaster.

2) I don’t blame Apple, and am going to get another Apple product.  I think the world has gotten wise to the reality that hardware, particularly spinning disk hardware, fails.

But the main point is that the cloud has really saved me.  And not just personal files and business records that might have been lost forever, but all the emotional energy that goes into a data loss disaster.  What a great thing.  As for the Microsoft Cloud – we use it here at NAV.  I have yet to get it to work.  All of the invitations to join the cloud group are trapped by Postini, so I don’t get them until later.  And even when I do, I click on the link and it always fails with an unhelpful error message.  So we are definitely in Cloud 1.0 at this point.  I look forward to its improvement.


January 12 2011
by Sam Aparicio

Scott, if you want your system restores to be even faster, couple the cloud with these simple Mac backup strategies —

Whenever I move from one Mac to another, I simply boot from my Firewire drive, clone the external into the internal drive, and reboot, and I waste 0 time on setting up computer programs or preferences.

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