June 12 2014
by Scott Johnson

The Coming Explosion of Reputation Management

We just invested in BrandYourself, a great young company in NYC.  Pretty much everyone (yourself included) is getting Googled these days.  If you are looking for a date, or a job, or are a customer facing person, or even a kids soccer coach, then someone is checking out your search results, and in all likelihood, your results are not nearly as good as they could be.  In my case, I have a very common name, so I get crowded out of the first several pages of results by authors, sports stars, and politicians that share my name.  But even for less common names, where you do make page one or two, what does show up about you is not ideal.

The well healed can access white-glove service providers to help them with this.  But, because how you fare on Google can get you that job, or date, or customer, demand for such services is going mainstream.  And BrandYourself offers a beautiful mainstream solution.  The company has an energetic and visionary young founding team, is growing quickly, and we see no limit to the market opportunity here.

BrandYourself looks a lot like a younger HubSpot (which is planning an IPO soon).  Both offer a technology-enabled freemium service at a price that opens up a very large tier of the market.  You can go online today and get started with a self-serve offering for free, and then if you need some expert assistance, you can upgrade.  BrandYourself’s metrics on upgrades, and more importantly, renewals, are eye-popping.  And the growth and capital efficiency of the business are terrific.

So, Patrick, Pete and company, welcome to the NAV family.  We look forward to an exciting journey together.

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