Waste = Opportunity

Waste is something I abhor.  Waste of time, waste of resource, I love funding businesses that help others be more efficient and stop waste.   Time wasters are fertile ground for new business ideas.  If anyone is wasting your time, think about how that happened and create a solution for it.

Resource wasters are also fertile ground for innovation, and that brings me to trash.

Ideally, there should be no resource waste.  We would each entirely consume exactly what we need when we need it.  Between here and that utopia lies nothing but business opportunity.  This came to me as I broke down the 50 boxes I got from amazon for recycling, which is one of my least favorite time wasters that also happens to be a resource waster.  36% of our trash is paper products.  I pondered away as I flattened all the boxes and stuffed the wadded paper into recycling bags how to avoid this entire process.  The only solution I came up with is reusable shipping containers with built-in reusable packing material, shipped directly to me from the factory.  But how to return the containers for reuse?  Hard to make that economically viable.  So I am stumped.  But worth solving; cardboard boxes are a $50 billion dollar industry!

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