Why I Invested in YieldBot

YieldBot takes the largest advertising demand pool on the internet (search), and plugs it into publisher inventory, the largest source of supply.  Advertisers add YieldBot to their keyword buys, and YieldBot delivers high performing, intent driven clicks, just like a search engine.  They do this with exceedingly clever analytics that reveal intent, the currency of search marketing.  Search advertisers are so eager to expand supply beyond Google and Bing, they have brought Yieldbot into some very interesting publishers out of the gate.  It works like crazy in the small.  The big challenge for YieldBot is to scale while keeping performance high.  This is not a sales and marketing challenge – there are no RFPs to respond to here.  Performance at scale is everything.  There is a balancing act of adding demand that matches supply that gates instant scaling.  But in a year, we should know if we have lightning in a bottle.

Intuitively the “intent premise” underlying YieldBot’s technology makes sense.  Does your intent evaporate as soon as you leave your search results page?  In most cases, intent is further refined as you drill down into the content the search directs you to. It lives on, and can even get stronger.  The YieldBot Blog is very instructive if you want to learn more, as is Jonathan’s blog.

I have to say that YieldBot is the perfect early stage venture deal.  It has everything!  Highly regarded, deeply knowledgable, exceedingly resourceful founders who are great to work with.  Just enough traction to believe in the technology, but not so much it pushes the deal to later stage prices. An essentially unbounded market opportunity, and a real chance at near frictionless growth into that market.  The ramp here could, in the flawless execution case, be fantastically steep.  So we placed a bet, and I am really excited to start helping the company realize its potential.


March 7 2012
by Chris Sheehan

Scott, welcome to Yieldbot! Its fantastic to have you on board and great post on the company & opportunity. Looking forward to working together.


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